Cisco Unified Communications Services

iTech’22 has collaborated with a diverse range of businesses, both big and small, to design, implement, and manage Cisco Unified Communications (UC) systems. With our deep expertise in enterprise collaboration, we are well-equipped to partner with your organization’s IT professionals to create a scalable, visionary, and efficient technology solution.

Microsoft Exchange Management

iTech’22 leverages its technical expertise and business acumen to provide top-notch Microsoft Exchange solutions that cater to your enterprise needs. Our Exchange management services facilitate seamless employee collaboration through advanced email, contacts, calendar, chat, and content management tools. Our solutions can be implemented on-premises, in the cloud, or on Office 365, while we take care of the maintenance and operations, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Microsoft SharePoint Managed Services

iTech’22’s SharePoint managed service simplifies sharing, accessing, modifying, and utilizing business content from any location, by any team member who needs access, at any time and on any device that’s convenient for them.

Microsoft Teams Managed Services

At iTech’22, we take on the responsibility of proactively monitoring, managing and supporting your Microsoft Teams environment for its optimal availability, allowing you to focus on collaborating and differentiating within your business.